6 Rules for Best Food and Wine Pairing

6 Rules for Best Food and Wine Pairing

6 Rules for Best Food and Wine Pairing

Nothing can be more tempting to taste different blends and texture of wines in the winery or vineyards. Though there is no hard and fast rule to drink your alcohol, it is still crucial to have a sense of food and wine pairing to elevate the taste.

The concept behind pairing is to creating a harmonious experience by bringing out the best flavours of wine without overpowering the taste. Some pairings should be avoided while some can hit and treat your taste buds.

If you are planning to visit a vineyard or winery in Sydney, NSW, keep the following rules in mind and choose the best food and wine combination. This guide will take your wine experience to the next level.

Let’s Get Started!

3. Pair Pinot Noir (Red Wine) with Earthy Flavours and Food Options

Do you love red wine like Dolcetto or Pinot Noir? To bring out the rich flavour, pair it with earthy food options. You can prepare recipes made with mushrooms and lentils. It also goes with salmon and roasted chicken.

You can also prepare sorted mushrooms with cheese to elevate your wine tasting experience.


2. Pair Salty Food with Sparkling Wine

It is believed that sparkling wines like Champagne goes well with salty food items like potato chips or fries. This type of wine has a hint of fruity and sweet flavours and you need to balance the taste palette with something salty but tasty.

The best part is that it can cut through the old of fried dishes. You can pair a glass of champagne with potato chips and caviar dip.


3. Sauvignon Blanc with Tangy Dishes

People in Sydney love zippy wine such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and VinhoVerde wines. It is good to pair this wine with tangy food options like grapefruit and carrot salad, fish with lemon sauce, goat cheese, etc to balance the richness and premium taste.

4. White Wines with Light Seafood

Believe it or not! White wines, such as Pinot Grigio and Chablis are the most delicate and rich wines in the world. It is always good to pair it with light seafood dishes, including:

  • Scallops with lemon butter sauce
  • Cedar Salmon
  • Fish Tacos or roasted fish
  • Greek Salad with Grilled Shrimp, etc

So, plan your visit to the best vineyards and take your wine experience in Sydney to the next level.


5. Pair Syrah with Spiced Dishes

Syrah is a premium red wine that offers rich notes of peppery spice, herbs, plum and blackberry. The bold flavour of Syrah must be balanced with highly spiced dishes, such as grilled meats, spicy shrimps, fish fries and much more.


6. Silky White Wines with Fish and Sauce

There are a plenty of options when it comes to tasting silky white wines in Sydney. Chardonnays is a locally-produced wine that goes well with creamy and delicious fish dishes. You can pair a glass of silky white wine with tuna steaks and sesame crust, scallops with risotto, Salmon Poke Bowl, etc.


Wrapping up

Keep these basic rules in mind and take your food and wine pairing experience to the next level. This will treat your taste buds and help you appreciate the fruity, punchy and silky flavours of premium wines in NSW.


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