How to move Your Wine Collection Safely

Many moving-related sob stories relay how precious items get mishandled or damaged during the process of relocations. In these stories, breakage or misplacement of wine bottles is common. They are delicate, and many people make the mistake of packing them inadequately, causing them to turn sour, get lost, or spill due to breakage. Damage or misplacement of wine bottle(s) is not only hurtful but expensive as well since they can be vintages and in case of breakage, stain other items loaded along with them in the moving truck.

Therefore, if you have a wine collection and you are planning to move, expert removalists in Brisbane advice being proactive and take measures to ensure all bottles reach the new home safely. Want to know how you can do that? Here is your complete guide on moving a wine collection safely.

Make an Inventory List

The primary aim of creating an inventory during moving is to know how many things are to be moved. Therefore, creating a list for your wine collection will help you count how many bottles are there. After the list is prepared, you can purchase packing supplies accordingly. Also, relocating wine can be expensive since they require special packing and extra care while moving. Hence, via the inventory, you can estimate the cost of your move as well. The list will help you check all the bottles have reached your new home safely during unpacking.

Trust a Moving Company

In the case of moving a wine collection, it is better to let professional removalists handle it. By hiring a reputed removals company in Brisbane, you can be at ease that the bottle will be packed, handled, and moved without the fear of loss or damage. Some of the reasons why booking removalists to move your wine collection are

  • They will create an inventory of your wine collection
  • Reputed removalists know what packing materials and supplies to use to safeguard your collection against damage.
  • They will label all the boxes correctly to avoid misplacement and help in identification.
  • They will only agree to transport the alcoholic beverages according to the Wine Australia Regulations 2018

If your wine collection is expensive with vintage bottles, it is best to hire removalists in Brisbane who specialise in relocating wine and alcohol bottles. They will have temperature-controlled vehicles and high-grade packing boxes to prevent your collection from spoiling or damage. They will use the brick wrapping technique in which they first will encase the bottles in rectangular boxes made to fit and pack these bricks in covers, plastics, and other necessary packing.

Take the Assistance of Relatives/Friends

If you are planning to move your wine collection yourself, then it is best to take the assistance of relatives and friends. They can help you make the inventory list, get food-grade packing supplies, and wrap the bottles securely. If you want to move your collection after you have settled in the new home, you can keep the bottles safe at a family member’s or friend’s house. After your move is finished, you can go to their home to collect your collection and move it in your vehicle or a hired one.

Keep the Temperature in Mind

Moving your collection during extreme heat, cold, or humidity can alter wine. It can cause spoilage or alteration in taste. Therefore, it is essential to keep temperatures in mind while moving your wine bottles. If you are DIY moving them you can keep them safe with a family member or friend until the weather is suitable. However, if your collection is expensive or valuable, it is best to hire specialists because they will pack and store the bottles in a refrigerated truck for moving. These refrigerators are ideal for protecting the bottles if the weather if too hot or cold.

Let the Wine Rest

The jostling during the move can alter the wine’s taste, and if they are opened immediately, the wine cannot return to its original composition. Therefore, after moving your collection, place it at the designated place and don’t open or disturb the bottles for at least 15 days. The resting period is essential to let the froth settle and the wine to regain its viscosity.


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